Workplace Adjustments

 Complete-AT Solution


                                                                     Every £1 spent on reasonable adjustments £6 is saved

Complete – AT is our end to end reasonable adjustment service developed over years of working closely with some of the UKs largest employers. Our tailor-made service ensures the right adjustments are made to increase productivity and reduce absenteeism. Assistive Technology & Training have been providing assessments and training in the workplace for over 20 years and are proud to say that we are the largest single supplier of assessments to the government in the UK. We have used our decades of experience to streamline the reasonable adjustment process to provide a tailored service that works for all.


  •      Average cost £900 over 10 weeks (includes assessment, assistive technology, training and case management)
  •      Average case takes less than 8 weeks
  •      Reduces employee absenteeism and stress
  •      Dedicated case management team
  •      Work closely with manager to provide support after case closed
  •      Single point of contact
  •      Increased retention and engagement                                                                                 




The Complete–AT solution includes a catalogue of assistive technology and 1-1 training to support the client into working efficiently and therefore increasing work satisfaction.



Problems Employers Face

  •      Turn around too long - Risk losing staff members                                                                                                   
  •      No one single contact
  •      Orders often get misinterpreted by purchasing leading to unnecessary purchases
  •      Unnecessary assessments
  •      Complex cases drawn out causing more delays
  •      Multiple uncoordinated stakeholders (e.g. IT, purchasing, Line manager, employee)


We Provide and Manage

  •      Advice
  •      Assessments
  •      Coping Strategies Training
  •      Technical Training
  •      Delivery
  •      Installation
  •      Product Supply